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LED lamp waste: There‘s good news and bad

Time:2018-01-08 Views:567
After nearly a decade of mainstream use, LEDs are still only a fraction of the discards in Europe, so they appear to live up to longevity claims. Recycling them could be a different matter.
If the waste stream is any indication, then LED lamps would appear to be living up to manufacturers’ claims for longevity: In Europe they are still accounting for less than 2% of the discards.
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That number comes from Eucolight, a group of organizations that oversee collection and recycling of lamps and lighting products across Europe. Between them, they claim to handle 79% of the lamps collected in the 18 countries in which they operate.
“LED lamps currently represent less than 2% of the waste stream, with their long life,” Eucolight reported after its annual conference, which took place last month in Sassenheim, the Netherlands.
The better part of a decade has passed since LEDs started entering the mainstream — long enough for them to turn up in much greater proportion than 2% if they were failing prematurely. Manufacturers informally bandy about claims of 20-year-and-longer lifetimes (although it is hard to find a warranty over 5 years, and many are shorter). Product labeling typically purports ranges of 15,000–30,000 hours, which at 3 hours a day translates loosely to between 14 and 28 years.
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